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March 27, 2009


I teach college level classes on sexuality, and I still have students who are mortified at the very thought of condoms, birth control, and sex in general. As I teach at a religious school, I cannot put the pharmacy field trip into my curriculum, but I'm going to pass the idea along to the student-led sexuality groups.

It is also worthwhile to note that in the U.S., the first *sexual experience* usually happens at about eleven or twelve. Children may engage in isolated sexual behavior at the beginning of puberty, with full initiation occurring later. Despite Clinton's claim, oral sex is sex, you can get a disease from it, and you should use a condom.

I'm 46 and still get embarrassed when I have to buy them. And I'm married! This sort of class assignment is wonderful. I think it will help.

I love it! Kudos to the teachers and their practical approach!

I taught sex ed in grade 6 (USA), and the naivete of parents never failed to amaze me. A couple of the "spoiled princesses" asked me why boys enjoy blow jobs. Age 12!!!

I'm amazed at how many of my work peers (22-29 years old) know next to nothing about safe sex. Several of them practice the "pull out" method because they think it works just as well as condoms and that condoms are "icky" or "a hassle".


Rebecca - One assumes that if they're mortified by the very thought of sex, they're not indulging, but the information is still good to have. Even if they are among the small percentage who does "save it till marriage", sooner or later they will need that information!

Eleven or twelve?? Could you provide the source of that information, a link, article, or book title? (I'd like to know more: I'm appalled!)

Jean: It's funny. I was telling a friend about this and he says that although he's perfectly comfortable buying his wife's tampons, he's embarrassed buying condoms. (Which doesn't stop him; two kids is all they want!)

Paula: That's what I thought, too.

Daisy: Twelve. Good heavens. There was one girl in my grade 8 class who'd 'gone all the day', but only one. We simply can't afford not to give them the information to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Sarah: Doesn't it just make you want to smack someone? And none of them have had any 'unexpected' pregnancies yet? (Though how it could be truly unexpected if you're practicing withdrawal is byond me. Yeesh.)

honestly, my first response was to be appalled.

until i thought about it -- and read the rest of your post.

what a great lesson plan!

Good work,thanks for sharing this information!!!

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