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March 06, 2009


Oh, my, I can certainly relate. the 16 year old and I have regular knock-down-drag-out arguments. the 18 year old comes home from college and tries to flex her newfound independence in all kinds of ways....

I was in high school when my mom had her hysterectomy (and had lots of trouble with hormone replacement) and there was PLENTY of drama in our household. My poor mother! Now that I'm grown and have had hormone issues, I don't know how she kept from killing me :)

Hang in there Mama.

I say, have a couple of glasses of wine and chill.

This too shall pass.

But that's just my method.

Are you sure you haven't been at my house lately? In our case it definitely helps that it's a shared-custody situation and the teenage girl isn't there all the time - and to be fair, we seem to be in a calmer phase recently. I have no confidence in how long it will last, though.

But some days I REALLY feel sorry for my husband.

Deep breaths...and long walks with the dog, to get out of the house :-)!

Songbird: We don't go for the knock-down drag-out style of conflict, but the tension? Some days you could knock yourself out walking into the tension in the air...

June: Motherlove. That's the only reason any of us survived into adulthood, and the only reason our children are also living to tell the tale.

Arlene: I LOVE that method. Thing is, you can't really start that at 7:30 a.m. Can you?

Florinda: In my (admittedly not vast, but 8 kids is more than most) boys are easier, at least hormonally. Girls? Let me just say I have more respect for my mother now than I ever did before I had teens... (And I've always thought she did a fine job with the whole mothering schtick.)

My oldest (now 20 and on his own) was a handful in his teens, or so I thought.

That is, until I had a teenage daughter who could put Clint Eastwood to shame with her sneer...

"C'mon, make my day"

And when I'm having a "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" kind of week, let's just say that Hubby opts to spend his evening in his quiet and isolated office.

I like the wine survival idea, too -- but starting when you're dragging the teen out of bed before noon isn't really an option.

umm... have you been peeking in our window?????

Zayna: Out of fairness to poor Rebekah (15), who's generally one of the cheeriest of teens, I should say that this post is really a composite of the five (yes, that's right, FIVE) teenage girls that have cycled through this house in our blended family. But, having been there through 5 girls and 3 boys? For overall moodiness? Girls, way worse.

Daisy - That's kind of what I feared. My stepdaughters will sleep well past noon on weekends, but my own girls generally appear by 10 at the latest...

PlanetJanet - You never know... On the worst days, I regularly consider running away from home. So if you've ever seen a brunette, hair a bit crazy, eyes a bit wild, nose pressed against the glass of your front window? Me, wondering if YOUR home would be a happier, quieter place to hide out...

The real challenge is how to explain this to the man in your life. He just wants us to FIX IT!!

I blogged about BioIdenticals yesterday.

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