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February 02, 2009


I'll take you on in Tetris. Name the place and time!

Awww - That is an awfully sweet memory. Thanks for sharing!

If you have a Wii you should play Animal Crossing with your kids. Even the grown ones! You can play with them while you are in different locations! Very cool! I love your memory!

Jeez, do I remember the hours upon hours that Zach and I played Zelda. But then - then came Mario Cart and it was all over.

Very cool memory! Amazing how games have changed!

that could have been my house!!

I was the tetris queen and my kids loved Zelda.

My kids and I have so much fun playing the Wii together. It's something we all enjoy. I especially like beating them at Mario Kart. What? I can't help it if my six year old can't keep up with my driving.

You know nowadays you can pay big money to get those old game systems?

Aww, gosh, you're gonna make me cry! Very special, indeed.

I love Tetris!

Oh, the memories! My brother-in-law had an Atari. Husband now wears an Atari t-shirt; woe to anyone who asks, "What's Atari?"

My husband did the same thing with Mario 1 and 3. He played and the kids made the map so that he would know how to go. I haven't thought of that in years, thanks for the memory.

That's lovely. I loved pong. The Mountain Man still has the Nintendo with Mario Brothers (note, NOT Super Mario, just plain old mario brothers - yes, we are a bit behind.)

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