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February 07, 2009


It's actually harder to choose when you're good at a lot of subjects. It took me years to decide where to go with my career - years after my Bachelor's Degree, in fact!

I can see that happening with Em Daisy. Something I didn't mention was the pressure from teachers in this mix. They want to keep their highest achieving students doing their subject and try and sway the student's choices.

Good for you for letting her choose her own course. (Courses??) It's got to be a relief that she chose what you considered best for her -- it doesn't always work out that way! Good for both of you.

Your daughter Em sounds a lot like my daughter Becca. she's also a junior in high school, and she's picking classes for her senior year. most of the students at her school are tracked for college prep, not vocational, but within that category there is a wide range of classes available to a student. Becca is definitely leaning towards the liberal arts....she can do well in math and science, but it doesn't come as easy to her as English and history. It's fascinating watching her make those decisions.

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