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February 11, 2009


Yes! It's the staying up with them part of the equation that I hate!

This past weekend at Blissdom I was discussing with someone what a wonderful father I had. He taught high school, I lived with him and he and I very rarely had cross words or even disagreed. He was with teenagers all day, thus he knew how to handle a hormonal 13 year old girl...or at least that's the way I like to look at it.

Anyway, I"m sure he would have had a great way to handle this but right now I can't think of a good example to share. But, he was creative. The example I shared this weekend was that I was allowed one pair of shoes at the door. ONE. That's all. If I left home wearing a different pair than the ones at the front door, it was in my best interest to put that extra pair in my room.

So what did he do? Beat me? Yell at me? Ground me? Heck no, he would hide the doggone shoes and I'd spend days looking for them. I left my gas card in between the seats of my car once & he drove it for some reason, he found the gas card and he hid it too. I was bad bad broke and had a seriously empty gas tank when I finally asked him if he took it.

So, I'm sure at some point and time, there was a school assignment that I procrastinated about that he taught me a lesson through but...right now...drawing a blank...if I remember, I'll be back!

I stay up when they're out of the house. Either that or I wake up (from a dead sleep) when they're supposed to be home. But homework has never kept me up, thank goodness, because lord only knows those kids rob me of enough sleep without that. Zzzzzzzzzz.......

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