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February 27, 2009


Definitely bake the boy a brownie. What a good kid.

I was skating with my kids on the canal last week. It really is a great way to spend a warm winter morning.

LOL! He definitely deserves brownies. And a lie-in tomorrow !

My son, tasked with the exact same job, hasn't done the garbage in 4 WEEKS. He forgot, he was sick, I was in the hospital and he forgot again. So this afternoon I made him get all the garbage sorted into it's various barrels and bins, and he'll be taking it out Monday night under penalty of death. And I mean it, if it isn't at the curb, he's a dead man.

Don't you hate it when they make you look bad by being good!

What a great kid.

Sylvia: I'd let him have the lie-in if he'd spend the night at home any time since...

Margalit: Should I be checking the obits on Tuesday?

Ali: What a great kid. Yup.

HA! I LOVE it! It's 5:45 in the morning, you're allowed to forget. Brownies always help in the forgiving department. :)

Now wouldn't it have been wonderful if he had come back with several guy friends and moved the dryer too? Except that you all would have been awoken by the crashing, scraping, and muted swearing created by trying to haul the dryer up those narrow stairs...

too cute, don't you hate it when the kid is right, lol

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