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January 12, 2009


Janet, I can relate. Jen spent 4 years on cheerleading and Becca spent two years on dance, and yes, those girls work hard, and then they deal with the drama of being on a team with a bunch of similar teenage girls...it's asking a lot from them...Becca was frequently in tears after dance practice...Jen threatened to quit cheer many times...is part of the experience. If roo really loves cheer, and really wants to be there, she will learn to deal with the upsets.

It's like the weather in MI. Wait 5 minutes and it will change. Oh the joys of hormonal teenagers.

Ah, the joy of teenage angst. Wait till she finds the stage of stomping up the steps, slamming door, mouthing I hate you because you can't figure out what it is she doesn't want to talk about days...Oh yeah, I survived those days. Mine's 20 now. (Hugs)Indigo

Indeed - my daughter is a dancer and you just never know when you got to pick her up if it was a "good" day or a "bad" one. I am getting better at navigating through it all... but it is exhausting.

I think this applies to whatever activity those lovely teens of ours participate in! Gotta love those changing moods. Just don't forget to duck.

Great post! ;)
Oh, these teen girls: they're so predictably unpredictable.

It's also like the weather in Okahoma. Today I went to Tulsa and it was about 57 degrees, then as I drove home in wind gusts of about 30 MPH, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees. Shoot!!! The ups and downs of cheerleading, I remember it well. Now guess what ups and downs I am getting from that 21 year old ex-cheerleader? She's 5 months pregnant! Talk about a roller coaster!!! She's full time 40 hrs/week OU Health and Science classes with interning at the hospital and pregnant. She also lives on the third floor of her apartment building! Yikes. She's due June 1 and she's not getting married to her boyfriend right away. It's a long story. Oh my!!!

You know, I married a woman JUST LIKE THAT. In trouble to the point that she's throwing stuff at me? Wait five minutes. I won't mention what we could be doing five minutes later .. let's just say there'll be a mood change.

I went back to the bad-bad day post... I gotta say, from the limited info you shared, the coach sounds like kind of a dick. Sounds like he's over working them. I work with teens, so I know that 2 hours of practice can REALLY be 2 hours of social time with occasional bursts of activity, but if they actually WERE busting their asses for 2 hours without stop, and then not allowed a break, I'd be wondering if that didn't have something to do with why one girl got injured, and then another.

I'm probably overreacting, but that's what it sounds like to me.

I SO look forward to 2018.

Well, that sounds about right.

I'm telling you-BOYS are the only way to go!!! I'll bet you didn't have to do this with the boys!!!

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