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January 05, 2009


lol, my twosome are the same way...technologically advanced, but when confronted with mid-20th century throwbacks like bottle openers, they completely fall apart.

Though I am not sure if it will be reccomended in current parenting magazines, I think using a cell phone to communicate at a distance within the house sounds a lot better than screaming at eachother.

Now that I think of it, it would have been a lot nicer to have a persistent ringing cell phone than a yelling parent when I had to wake up for school as a youth.

Classy shot, I always love your photos.

Then she will just have to drink the twist off cap beers.......

That's pretty sad. I'm often astounded by what teens don't get. In high school, honest to God, we had a girl who'd never rolled a window down and was freaking out when she couldn't find the automatic button.

Hmmm, interesting way to prevent underage alcohol consumption-make all the bottles non twist tops!

Sadly, I know quite a few people - a lot older than Roo-girl - who can't tell time on a normal clock well. Some of them even wear hands and face watches and when I ask them the time, they ALWAYS show me their wrist instead of telling me themselves, hehe.

I think it's great Roo-girl spent the night at home with you guys!

Loved this post!

Tying shoes with bunny ears made me laugh! I'd better not let my hubby read this; I tell him he's lazy when he rings me from the garden LOL.

Possum can't tell time on a regular watch, either. Just noticed it last week, because he got a new watch, and took the old one off, and when I asked him what time it was, he glanced at the new one, then took the digital out of his pocket to tell time.

That boy's not right.

Hunky and I IM each other from rooms 8 feet apart from each other.

Oh, the perks of cell phones: So nice not to have to get out of a nicely-warmed bed on a cold January night!

My husband brought out his electric typewriter the other day. Rebekah (15) was *fascinated*. "So, did you really use these things, in your lifetime?"

I make a point of teaching time skills with an analog clock in my 4th grade classroom. I know too many kids who can only use a digital!

It becomes apparent that, given the considerations listed, it's a fortunate thing she's not blonde. I'm just sayin'.

I have to take deep breaths to calm myself when I'm around all my techno-gizmo-electronic-wize grandkids.

kills me.

Bwahahahahahaha that is hilarious!! But what if she drinks from a can??

That is my life you are living! My 17 year old son can not tell time on an analog clock at all. I am afraid he will flunk out of college because of that. And the shoe thing - let's just say I'll be tying them before they walk down the aisle.

I'm confused, do all schools, offices, shops etc have digital clocks in USA or Canada? I'm in the UK and cant think of a digital clock anywhere, its all 'hands on a face'. Only my phone has a digital time and you can set it to look like a clock face, we're the opposite, my 14 year old has more trouble with digital time!

That's an interesting phenomenon. I wonder what things will have gone by the wayside in another 10 years?

ummmm, I am 56 and can not tell time on a an analog watch or clock. I am dyslexic regarding numbers, it is very frustrating. I also do not understand the Dewy Decimal System but I CAN use a card catalog to find something.

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