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January 20, 2009


I loved camp when i was a kid. My son has gone to Lion's camp since he was 6; a one to two week stay each summer. Some kids thrive on it. Hope yours does!

She's going to have a great time--and I bet you'll stop worrying at least a week before she gets home!

I have become increasing concerned/amused on the amount of stuff that Rosie takes to camp with her. And it's not all junk clothes. It's a far cry from what I was permitted to take to overnight camp, many eons ago. But she's going to have a great time, not want to leave and will sign up for the following year before she's even left camp!
This first year you'll be able to get away with sending only what is on the packing list, but then after that....
Good luck

Camp is the BEST!!! I sent my daughter when she was 7

Camp is wonderful - for parents. If you have more than one child do your best to send them all to camp at the same time. Life does not get better.
And if you never went to camp yourself, it's wonderful for the campers, too.

my kids go to the camp my husband and i went to. my mom even went there. the legacy is not lost on them. they live for the summer. at 16 and 19 their strongest friendships and deeps commitments are born out of that wonderful place they call their second home.

and the socks, tell her to throw them away at the end of the summer. there is not enough bleach on earth to get those clean!

I wasn't a camper as a child (no money for that), but I did work in summer camps during my teens and early twenties. I have fond memories of it -- though, frankly, I think camp is more fun for the kids than the staff!

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