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January 24, 2009


I tried to have my kids learn to swallow pills with mini M&Ms also. NO luck here either. Luckily, also, neither kid is sick much - so little need for pills.

If my kid says they are sick, I always suggest a nap. If they agree, I KNOW they are sick.

Son has taken medicines since he was fairly young due to ear infections and more. Now that he's a teen, swallowing pills is easy. I feel a little uneasy that he's needed to develop this skill. Sigh. Motherhood.

heh. the roo-girl has been swallowing pills since she was a tot.

because having to swallow (and therefore taste) liquid meds or chewables? was a fate worse than death.

I remember my mom crushing aspirin in jam for me. I haven't taken one in over 15 years!

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