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January 26, 2009


"Inconsistent? Me? What are you TALKING about, mom??"

I hate you. You are the worst momma in the world.....Mom why don't you ever spend time with me. Mom you are the bestest mom in the whole world, get me something to drink. Yea, been there and she is only 9! I am dreading the teen years!

Were you listening in on my phone conversations this weekend? Wow. At least it's not me!

LALALALLALALLALALLALA! I'm not listening to any of this. I'm totally ignoring the fact that one day I will have a teenage daughter.

Yeah, "Mommy, we never spend time together any more; let's go *shopping*." LOL! The others sound sincere enough, but that one reeks of an ulterior motive.

always .... lol

okay please don't hurt me, but why is she wearing pantie elastic around her head???

bwahahahahah @burfica. it's a legit elastic headband. she prefers to wear it pocohantas style.

Ok, I ALREADY have those conversations. AND SHE'S ONLY FIVE!!!

I am in deep trouble.

Get out of my life! But first, will you drive me to the mall?

I already cringe when I hear "Mom." "Mommy" is far more likely to be followed by words I actually like.

The best thing about Roo is her ability to find new and creative uses for that Johnson & Johnson waterproof first aid tape. :)

I believe it's called a catch-22, no?

Roo and my daughters would find a lot of common ground, I think. those conversations you had with her as so familiar. Becca gives me fashion advice ("Mom, you're not actually going to wear THAT in front of my friends, are you?") and financial advice ("You could lease an Extera for me for only $250 a month, I researched it.") then, of course, there's Jen...I have to fight with her in order to find out the grades she got from her college professors but she doesn't hesitate to ask me for money for pizza, movies, concert tickets, train tickets to come home for the weekend and other "necessities" of college life.

Oh that song and dance is oh, so familiar...I had to bite my lip to keep from ever saying those dreaded words "Wait till you have a daughter just like you." Honestly, I hope she does...it's worth every single exasperated sigh, I ever got from her. (Hugs)Indigo

OH NO!!!! Schizophrenia is so difficult to live with.

I can hardly wait until my grandkids are teens.
hey wait. one of them is.

I have a few years before any of this starts for me. Knowing how "high maintenance" she is now, I'm going to need lots of valium to get through her teenage years.

This is precisely why I thank God every single day for blessing me with a son!!! ;-)

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