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January 03, 2009


I am a regular reader of MCMM, and would love to be a contributor. I live in Texas, and I think my life, living where I do, is probably very different than most of your other posters. I live in a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth, in a middle class neighborhood, with hubby and last child left at home, a high school senior boy. We are deep in preparation for college, which in itself brings its share of joys and frustrations, not to mention the impending empty nest. I also have a son who is 38 and married and living in another city, and a daughter who is 28 and married with two little ones (the joys of our lives and sources of much humor), living just down the highway from us. Each of those children are by different (prior) husbands, and current teen at home is with present hubby of 22 years.

If you are interested, you can check out my blog at gailclark.blogspot.com, though I must confess I have not blogged in a good. I'd love to be considered as a contributor - writing is something I pursue as a hobby, and reading blogs is one of my fave things to do.


Even the dishwasher is sick? Now that's serious! Take care of yourself.

I am also the mom of two teens and would love to be involved in this. My older daughter is a college freshman and my younger daughter is a high school junior. My kids and I live on Long Island.

here's a link to my blog:


I'm very prolific, I don't think I've missed a day of blogging since Suzanne got me started on it.

I'd also like to be considered. I emailed you privately, but wasn't sure if you received it. I'm 47, married 20 years, mom of a homeschooled high school senior guy, and a 7th grade privately schooled girl. Also a veterinarian and knitter in my spare time. My blog is at http://knittinglikemad.blogspot.com/

Sorry, I was not sure how to email you privately so I just threw in my request here. Oops, I just saw a link on the side bar down at the bottom. LOL I'll send a private email too.

I have a 14 year old and live in the UK, I'm only 34 though, not quite a mid century mum yet! I'd love to write a post a week though, let me know xxx

I'm a mid century mom, widow, with a 20 yr old at home along with various "lost boys" that live with us at various times...oh the stories behind them...along with being a sandwich generation gal caring for an ailing dad that lives with us and frail mother in law one state away. Add the MBA program that I have 50% competed and a full time job which all combines to make up a wild and crazy life. I enjoy writing (am working on a book) and would love to be an emergency fill in writer for you. Check out my blog at www.oregonquilt.blogspot.com

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