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January 10, 2009


I used to tell my daughter whatever you think, whatever you do, I've already done it and probably did it better! It always amazes me how kids look at us like Dinosaurs who couldn't possibly know what they're up to. As for having the password to everything internet, isn't that a mom's obligation...I always thought so. I would rather know, than not what the chances are my daughter was doing what I thought she was doing. She made it to 20 and is married to a soldier. I think I got something right. (Hugs)Indigo

welcome to the zoo, mariah.

and yes, i think our kids really do think we arrived on this planet fully grown -- and ignorant.

Welcome, Mariah! Our kiddos don't realize we've already been there, done that, wrote the blog on it. And we'll keep writing the blog on it!

The upside to all this is that they'd be way better at outsmarting us if they realized just how smart we were. Never underestimate the opposition, kiddies. A life lesson they haven't quite mastered -- and a good thing too!

But I am curious: why the monthly urine test? And the punishment: was it for trying to deceive you, or for the pot?

Hi llona~ I do the monthly test for both of my teenagers. I started to do it in an attempt to make it "easier" for them to say NO. My son (13)says that it is helpful, because when people offer him drugs he quickly says NO, my mom drug tests me.

No car was for the positive drug result.

Crazy kid! I just pray that my 3yo does not do even half of the crap that her daddy & I did!
One of my friends has the original version of Hacker and whenever her sone does anything bad she crashes his myspace account to teach him a lesson. I find that to be pretty damn funny!
Keep up the drug tests! It is something mom's to teens have to do these days! Drugs are so big now and they have gotten worse!
Good luck to you! Glad you found a place to confess about your kids without them finding out!!

oh darlin'...been there, done that. I've never been handed a cup of cold pee though, that's a new one! Don't they know the test comes with a temp gauge?

you sound like a good mom. hang in there!

Wow. Counting my blessings. So far I just have to worry about my son's WoW addiction.

This is exactly what my daughter would do. I swear, your daughter and my daughter could be twins. Same crafty, devious but slightly dim mind! :-)

Freezing urine? Did she really think she could get away with that? Good lord.

Teenagers! I dread having them...

Well my dear...I can tell you that as a teen, I thought that I could outsmart mom and it took me forever to figure out that she knew EVERYTHING. And this was WAY before texts, email and the internet.

Good luck to us all!!!!

I chuckle when I find seeds and don't tell him. Found a nice chamber pipe under his dresser. He still hasn't asked for it. I wonder if he ever will. The other day we took his car to Wally world for some tires I had shipped there. When we left I drove. I noticed the burn marks and ashes from cigs along the drivers window seal. He said it was a friend driving. Now I know what one smoke does to the window seal...nothing (barely) this looked like a cartons worth of "damage". I hope he quits before he spends a fortune on them. Lets see 18yo, 30 bucks every 2 wks (now?)x 18 yrs = $14,040 ultra conservative number too. Shit now I'm thinking about all the $ I friggin' wasted on miscellaneous "recreationals" OK nevermind I'm done Quit herb decades ago, booze two years. Find it hard to get it to him as he knows my persona includes Harley's, Jack Daniels and the Grateful Dead.

I've been lucky that I never had to do drug tests on both of my kids. They are 21 and 18 . I'm sure my 21 yr old has tried it. I like Danner's comment about her son's WOW addiction,,,LOL. I think mine has the same addiction.


Thank goodness I don't have to do that! Mine are 21 and 23...all safe and sound in college. Bwhahaha...do you think I was born yesterday? NOT! I'm sure they're doing things I disapprove of, but...for the time being, they are both making straight A's and I can breath for a few minutes!

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