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January 21, 2009


My 16 year old boy is late in getting all the way through puberty. Very little facial hair, in fact very little body hair at all, but he gets that from his dad. However, his voice is so low I can't pick the decibels up in my ancient ears, and our favorite words here are now "What? What was that? What'd you say?" It's driving him crazy.

He will be scarred for sure with a house full of girl female women!!

LOL! Those were the days! Even though it seems weird, having a young man in the house really does make it easier for your daughters. I learned (and am still learning) so much from my son about how the world looks different from different perspectives!

Puberty is a weird, wacky time. At least that is the way I remember it. For me it was all boners, and pimples, and body odor. Come to think of it, not much has changed since then. Maybe a few less pimples and less random boners. But still got the body odor.

Yup, I was horrified when our son got a moustache... even though I had to really hunt for it with a magnifying glass. And the body odor! OMG! I can't believe I survived that phase. Then, when girls come into the scene they wear WAAAAY too much cologne. Gag! You too, shall survive, just like the rest of us have, lol.

My son, 16, was slow to hit puberty. He's hit his growth spurt and is now 6'2, he has hairy legs and just in the past few weeks is starting to get a moustache. Now it just looks like he had a glass of chocolate milk and forgot to wipe his lip. It's just dirty looking, but I finally up and bought him a razor because it's not an attractive look.

Margalit- mee too! bought him a razoe for Christmas. I agree, not an attractive look!

Does he stay in the bathroom longer than normal? Mine did and THAT was something I didn't want to even know about.

Seriously Jill... Mine does that too! GROSS

Ha! Ha! I have a 16 year old brother and he's also the only guy and I have 2 sisters. It must be weird for him as well.

It's a bit disconcerting the way they go from "child" to "looks like an adult" in about 90 seconds. My son is over six feet tall, deep voice, and shaves because he needs to. And (THANK GOD) he now showers because he likes to be clean, and not because flowers wilt in his path. (Or his mother has thrown a bar of soap and a towel at his head.)

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