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January 17, 2009


If they were identical twins, you could come up with some theory (medically impossible, but intuitively sound) whereby when the egg split the metabolism/heat sensing bits were unevenly divided. But they're not, so you can't. We'll just all have to agree that it's weird.

(-3F is -19C. Pfft. Day before yesterday in my city, it was -28C, with a windchill of -38C. (That'd be -18 and -26F to you.)

Let us not forget that your Canadian "friends" have been suffering with this for weeks. Bleah.)

Oops. Typo: -18 and -36F. THIRTY-SIX BELOW. Unbearable, no matter which scale you use.


Ilona, we had those temperatures for three days this week. You can have them back! :)

i break out the uggs and down jackets when it hits 50. just sayin'

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