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January 13, 2009


I have a similar dynamic with my younger two. Adam (19) still doesn't have his license, and Rebekah (15) is counting the days till she can get her learner's permit! Though recently (and likely because of a prolongued bus strike in our city), Adam has talked of buying his own car.

Guess that means he'll be learning to drive? :-)

My daughter was taught to drive our truck with a cab in the back. We figured if she could drive the truck, she could drive anything. Wrong. Every car she tested with was smaller and way too easy to manuever. So after the 4th time. She crossed borders and went into PA instead of NY. Wouldn't you know she passed (strangeness there). I do have to admit Paul (my other half) taught her to drive. I don't know how many times he came home mumbling, white as a sheet and locked himself in his music room.

Today the kid drives in all kinds of weather. Good thing she lives out in the booney's in the mtns. of PA. (Hugs)Indigo

My daughter Jen took the road test 3 times before she passed it. Around here you can getr your license at 16 1/2 but she didn't get hers until she was 17 1/2. my younger daughter Becca is 16 1/2 and has per permit, and will take a 5-month driver's ed class in school starting in february, with plans to get her license in May.

and Ora,

if you have the time, I've tagged you on my blog:


none of my kids except my stepdaughter drove before the age of 18.

and z-man (19)? still doesn't.

roo, however, is counting the minutes. shoot me.

I personally didn't get my own driver's license until I was in my late 20's...and a mother of two.

Son, 20, still doesn't have his despite living on his own and having a good job that could afford him a car.

Daughter, 13, has already stated that she can't wait to learn.

Anyone else think it strange that our Daughters seem more interested than our Sons?

Growing up, it was always the boys who were more keen to get their licenses...what's changed?

WE've booked it one more time with the driving school. Hopefully I'll be able to get a time for a lesson also so he;ll be able to get used to the car. Not this coming weekend, but the next one. Keep praying.

Wishing you and Abe luck! La Petite (now 22) did a lot of driving with me. Her father was and still is too much of a backseat driver to do the teaching part of it. Amigo? He's blind. For better or for worse, driving won't be one of his tests.

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