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January 31, 2009


So funny! I don't remember preschool, except for the carpool friends. I met up with a preschool "pal" in middle school and I was amazed at how well she remembered our young classmates.
My own kiddo? His Early Intervention teachers still remember him, and he's 17 now. Was it because I had worked with them as an aide before he was born, or was it because he was just that memorable? I'm not sure i want to know the whole story. At least he was clothed the whole time!

And neither of you asked whether Lewis still goes to school in his underpants? Such self-control!

Amazing, isn't it? I didn't send my girls to the synagogue's nursery school, I sent them to a preschool program at a local day camp. Many of those kids didn't go to elementary school with my girls, but when the girls reached middle school and high school they started to meet up with kids they'd known in preschool. It's remarkable what they remember about their preschool friends.

This reminds me of the day I told my girlfriends about my daughter's new friend in her new High School. I mentioned her name (Dina M..) and there was a stunned silence around the table, then one of them said "Dina M?" and another said "Oh my god, no way!" and then the third one said "THE BITER???!!!"

I must admit I think of it still when I see her (she's a lovely 17 year old now and still my daughter's friend) and it still makes me giggle.

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