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December 29, 2008


When I was a senior in HS, we also had an exchange student from Scandanavia (Sweden). She left a boyfriend at home and had another one here. She has since married the original boyfriend and had 3 kids. In fact, MY daughter went over last summer to stay with her and her family!
My bet would be on proximity and that once Frederick hits college, this will die its natural death. But teenage angst will ever remain the same.

Scandinavian girls are gorgeous. Usually. Go Fred!!! Just make sure that both sets of parents have their passports in order - because somebody's gonna hafta do some traveling.

That is a tough one. I just hope he doesn't give up on his plans for college and career to be with her.

My husband has a buddy who went through the exact same thing. Although, now he's living with her in Finland. They're finishing school, since it's free!!! over there, and will then probably try to get her U.S. citizenship. They come back stateside 2-3 times a year, and in the age of web communication, it's really not that bad.

One day at a time, one worry at a time. They could either break up when they each go off to post-secondary, or maybe they'll end up together ... who knows where?

I'm glad it's not me, but, optimist that I am, I know I'd be thinking, "If he does end up moving to Scandinavia, I'll have a place to stay for free!!"

Janet... --- they could pay us to fret about this problem and then they wouldn't have to. (:

I've seen two happy outcomes of exchange relationships. One moved here from Sweden, the other moved to Australia after her husband finished his fellowship. At least her family only had to fly from California to Australia!

Let life happen naturally. The only way his parental units should intervene is if Fred decides to forgo schooling for sweetheart.

Welllll...When I "met" Fearless Husband online, he was stationed in Guam, I was working in North Carolina. Eight years of chatting/texting/calling later, he insisted on meeting. Two years after that, we got married. We celebrate our fourth anniversary in two weeks, and he is my soulmate. I'm a VERY lucky woman.

Where do we live? Japan. (Go figure -- he's in the Navy.) Who is heartbroken? NOBODY. Mom's been out to visit twice, Dad's comin for a second visit soon, one brother has visited, and I video chat with the other brother and his family.

Either they pine for a while, then one gets tired of pining and it ends naturally...or they figure out a way to get together (and it dies naturally)...or they figure out a way to get together and it works out beautifully.

Hearts are broken all the time in high school and college, regardless of where the participants live. It's part of growing up, and you can't protect your kid from that hearbtreak.

And somebody's mom is going to miss her child, at some point, no matter what happens, unless your kid marries the kid next door and they buy a house down the street from you.

Or *shudder* your kid could just never leave home at all...

p.s. -- my first husband was from Ireland. NOBODY could talk us out of marrying (and many tried). Of course now I look back and realize we got married for all the wrong reasons...but we were bound and determined to do it, and every single bit of "kind advice" just made us more determined to prove that "our love was real and strong and different!" Yes, Mom missed me like crazy when I moved to Ireland for a year (back in the 80s, before everyone had texting and e-mail)...but I did eventually return.

Was it a mistake? Yup. Could anyone have talked me out of it? Nope. Had to burn my own fingers to believe the fire was hot.

Gee, a free place to stay in Sweden? I don't think I'd be the heartbroken mother. In this day and age it's not THAT much worse than living a 5-hour car drive away from your parents. Which we do. (remind of this in a few years when my kids fall in love with foreign exchange students).

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