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December 05, 2008


My heart goes out to you both.

Bullying is frustrating and a shame when it's happening to anyone, but it's downright gut wrenching when it's your own child being victimized.

Glad to know that it's being acknowledged and dealt with at the school level.

Still, I understand the want to "savage to some savage girls."

Hugs to you both!

Grrrrrrrr. I know it is small consolation, but I firmly believe what goes around comes around sister and these turkeys have it comin'! Go ahead, indulge in your revenge fantacies - no harm done.

Thanks, you guys. There's some good news. Rebekah's brother decided to take his little sister out to lunch, to give her a bit of a mental health break in the middle of the day, and found out that one of the hangers-on of the clique that's persecuting her told her that "my friends might hate you, but I don't." We'll call it progress, and hope it's a turning-point. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Zayna - I forgot that you know exactly how awful bullying is, that your little girl was the focus of long-term nastiness. I'm hopeful that Rebekah can find her feet at school -- but don't think we haven't considered home-schooling!

hugs to you both, ilona. this totally bites.

give rebekah an extra snuggle from me.

Oh what a terrible time for her - and of course for you by extension. I hope it gets resolved quickly and decisively.

I'm sorry about this, and if the police are involved, I gather it's quite serious - beyond "mean-girl" cattiness and backbiting, which is certainly bad enough. I feel for you both and hope this settles soon.

Your reactions are totally understandable, and Rebekah has a great family backing her up.

I had a vivid dream about stuffing them all in a locker and giving Rebekah the only key, so that they would have to be nice to her in order to gain freedom.

I sure hope the tide turns soon, or I'm going to have trouble fighting the urge to train it back home to beat them up for her. Nobody gets to pick on my sister!

I wish there was a cure for bullying. Some sort of gas that could be put into each class with an extra dose for the girls. Good luck to your daughter, it sounds like you have it under control though.

My heart goes out to you, your family and your daughter. What an aweful time it must be for all of you.
My 5yo daughter was victim of bullying last year in JK. Yes it is even seen in JK. (hmmm wonder where that behaviour was learned at such an early age...) I was able to step in because she is so little but as they get older you can only do so much. Thank God it was settled very quickly for us. I can only hope that it gets settled for Rebekah and that she can continue to thrive and be the happy, pretty, friendly girl that she is. What a great thing for her brother to do. Give a huge squeeze to your precious girl for me and keep strong.

Thanks, everyone. It is getting better. All the teachers are solidly onside, and the mean girls have mostly subsided to simply ignoring her with great fanfare. Whatever. There are lots of other kids.

Meantime, a boy deliberately leaned on the girl's bathroom door, trapping Rebekah and another girl in there until she bodychecked the door enough to knock him off balance. After she and the girl slipped out, she swung the door into him.

"But that could be because he likes me, mom. You know what dorks boys can be."

That's my girl!

I'm just waiting at home, loving her with every cell in my body.

That's the most important thing you can do. It's that that is giving her the strength to face them. You are her safe haven.

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