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December 09, 2008


Know what you mean - son who was 18 last Saturday and Hanukkah coming up!!?? What to get, what to get! Fortunately he fences and I found a replica of an old fencing sword for the big Hanukkah gift but will probably settle for some gift cards for the smaller gifts (Starbucks, iTunes, etc.).

I bought ChicoBags last year for several friends. I'm doing the same this year; shopping bags as wrapping and as gifts themselves. But for the boys? Jeans. Boring, I know.

My son (19) looooves ThinkGeek.com. This year he has some gadget-type things from there on his list, but also some... oh, what was it? Monty Python killer bunny slippers? There might be something there for him that would be of interest, but not isolating.

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