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December 03, 2008


i TOTALLY get this. in more ways than you can imagine!

I do this sometimes with the children who still live at home, because they change so quickly! Girls go from little girls to young women in about 98 seconds. Boys take slightly longer, say, 3 minutes. I'll be chatting with one of them, and catch myself staring, taken aback yet again by how the transformation is so fast that you can practically see it happening, minute to minute. Amazing.

If you find that support group let me know. I've been to the middle of the country to visit the college kid twice since August, and I do believe it gets on her nerves that I keep hugging her. :)

molly, don't kid yourself. she secretly loves it

I have an 18 year old college freshman, even when she's home from school she really isn't home -- she's out with her friends. so yeah, I get it.

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