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December 06, 2008


Typical teen, isn't it, to think only of the possibilities, but none of the realities.

you go, girl. :-)

lol, my friend and I decided at 14 that we would rent the house next door, 4 bedrooms large garden, we were sure we can manage the rent and utilities and still go clothes shopping out of our saturday job money...! Told my mum that we would need to borrow the vacuum cleaner once a week!

Oh such creativity and enthusiasm...you hate to crush the dream. My son came up with a gap year idea at that same age...when asked what he was planning on doing, you know travel, volunteer at the soup kitchen, work with the homeless or elderly...he quickly said oh no...this would be a year to hang out with friends, go to the coast, ski and get to new levels in video games. My response was...Do ya think I have a gap in my brain...no way!

It'd be tempting to let them do it for a week, in deepest (coldest) February, just for the pleasure of seeing them freeze and admitting you were right... You'd need to padlock the fridge, obviously. The risk being they'd not notice they were freezing to death, and stay on forever. Nope. Not a risk worth taking!

Story is very much the same here, My daughter is going to be senior this year and has no ideas what to do next, thanks god that my hubby is always there I am sure he must have thought something about it!

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