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December 26, 2008


ugh. high school SUCKED... and still does.

your daughter, however, is my idol. her attitude is amazing.

She sounds like a very strong and emotionally healthy girl. That said: oh, my, she is going through hell! She's lucky to have you for moral support.

I went through the same thing with my daughter in the 9th-10th grade. It breaks our hearts but they do come out stronger, more resilent because of it. Kids can be cruel these days. I wish her a world of confidence to get past this stage in school. (Hugs)Indigo

Deliberately audible? How come the teacher hasn't noticed then? Don't they have anti-bullying policies on your side of the pond? At my high school, this would be taken seriously.

My daughter Rebecca is 16 and also has had to deal with "Queen Bee" issues, so I can sympathize. You want to just fix it for them, but you can't. It sounds like your rebekah has a good head on her shoulders and will persevere.

Planet of Janet - Thanks. She consistently impresses me. I'm quite sure I wouldn't have coped as well at that age.

Daisy - Thank you. She's doing well, it's getting better, she will prevail, but (cries the mother in me) why should she HAVE to? Life lessons, I keep telling myself. Life lessons.

Indigo - You're right. She will come out stronger. I don't think this kind of thing is anything new, though. Kids have always been cruel. High school is only one small step on the journey. Thank goodness!

Z - In the interests of a concise post, many details have been left out. In fact, the school has been dealing with it exceptionally well. I may have to post one last time on the subject, to fill in some of the gaps -- and, I hope, relate the happy conclusion.

Songbird - She does, she is, and she will. But yes! How I ache to make it all better, even when I know that the very best "better" there is, is for her to see it through and learn that she has that kind of strength.

She sounds amazing. Just found this blog and I too hated high school. She definitely would have been my friend in high school. I'm hoping that things get much better for her.

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