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December 19, 2008


I had a glass of wine with my lunch today. It was that or kill the kids. We have 8" of snow at our house in the hinterlands outside of Seattle (this is big news here) and the schools closed up on Wednesday and haven't re-opened so winter break started three days early. They're bouncing off the walls, in and out of the house tracking snow everywhere and just generally making me crazy.

Wine helps, pour yourself a glass when the toddlers go home! ;-)

You are briliant! I will need it because I didn't mention the almost-16-inches expected this weekend (the papers are calling it "Snowmageddon", if you can say that without snorting your wine out your nose), AND the continuing bus strike.

Good lord. Counting the minutes till I can pour that glass! TGIF!

We were hoping for a snow day today and didn't get one. Kids were bouncing off the walls, and I used the same quote from the Grinch!!

You know I owned a daycare last year at this time with almost 40 kids under the age of 5 and 3/4 of them were boys and the noise..omg, the noise was unbearable.

Now, I too am experiencing that wonderful joy of peri-menopause except....I had a hyster 4 years ago. The doc said he left me "1/8 of an ovary" and this week he informs that apparently that "1/8" decided to take a Christmas break...in the meantime, I am running around in below 35 degree temp in short sleeves and soaping wet hair from sweat complaining about the heat everyone seems to want on 90....whatever! Perimenopause can sucks it

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