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November 20, 2008


Money's no object? Go!

My parents let me work at a volunteer job in Wyoming when I was in college, and it was the experience of a lifetime! I did have to come home early one summer when my father was able to get me 3 weeks of paid employment taking inventory at local factory, but I still got to be out west most of the summer.

Later in her life, she will have other responsibilities to tie her down. If you can swing it--or if she can-- let her do it. You're only young once.

If money were no object, I'd send her, absolutely. Travel is, in my world view, A Good Thing, and it seems she has the bug.

However, since money is an object, could you reach an arrangement whereby she contributed to the cost of the trip somehow? Either by cash or in some other way? Or part of the costs would be in the form of a loan which she would pay back after graduation?

Ilona and shadylady; you're thinking like I am. If we can swing it, and she can contribute, it'll be a great trip for her.

my opinion. i would eat cat food to give them the opportunities like this. if you can find a way to swing it this is an experience she will never forget

I told her to apply. We'll talk at length about financial plans when she's home over Thanksgiving. Thanks for the support, everyone!

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