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November 22, 2008


the roo-girl has been drooling for months over this. she read the first three books in the series rabidly and hooked many of her friends on it.

interestingly, however, the fourth book infuriated her (and me). although i slogged through to the end, just to satisfy my curiosity, she has been unable to finish it.

even though she waited in line last august to buy it.

the movie? she and i will see it, but i won't buck the crowds quite yet.

Anna is begging to see it, too. Me? Absolutely no vampire fantasies whatsoever - I just don't get it.

I'm teaching younger kids now (9-10 year olds), so I haven't heard a lot of buzz. When I taught 6th, this kind of thing was a hot topic. For me? No thanks. I'll probably read them, though, because I'm part of the library challenged books committee. I need to be well informed. (Well, that's my rationale and I'm sticking to it!)

My daughter Ally is 15 and a reader. She has read all the Twilight books several times. She also loved the Harry Potter books.

I was as surprised as she was that she liked a "vampire" book. (I have read no HP or Teilight books. I have enough books stacked up to read every month.)

She was excited for the movie, and did enjoy it, they stuck to the story pretty well and now
she is reading the 4th book - again.

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