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November 19, 2008


i totally get this. i treasure the -- ahem -- forced time i spend with miss i'm-14-and-too-cool-for-school.

when her friends aren't around, she's amazingly chatty and friendly ... and even loving!

Yup. Our grounding last month (the first for my 15-year-old) was a pretty nice experience, all in all. After attempting a few evasive maneuvres, she took it with good grace, really.

I did take away call and computer, though, because for her that's an ENORMOUS part of her socializing. Though I wasn't thinking this at the time, it's a safe bet that had I not done that, we'd never have seen her (except to eat, five minutes/meal). She'd have made up for the lack of face-to-face time with her friends online.

If you say so, but I think that's just weird.....lol.

my knucklehead went through a brief period of sanity, where we discussed such things rationally... but it didn't last, and before long we were right back to the door-slamming-moping!

i can't believe you used the term knucklehead, that is my husbands affectionate term for my son!

I love hearing good teen stories. Keeps me from killing my guys before they get older.

if either of my girls had taken grounding so well, I would have just assumed they were hoping for 'time off for good behaviour'.

thank goodness for my husband: my memory is so useless I used to forget anyone was grounded. He'd write it on the calender. They hated that.

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