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November 04, 2008


Your daughter is very astute. But then again, which is better, to make sure your vote is counted by using a black pen and filling in circles or using a voting machine that may or may not work. I'll go for the lack of privacy and the black pen any day. And you CAN ask for a privacy sleeve. You should tell her that next time.

Every state is different it appears. My college freshman voted in an electronic booth, which is actually what we have in our home state. I don't think I will ever understand how people in this country vote with a magic marker. It sounds so...parochial.

I love that Oregon is 100% vote by mail...no more waiting in lines...no more time pressure or noise from the cubicle next to you. No more excuses of being too busy to get to the polls or any other excuses. There is no comparison to reading the ballot measures and voters info with a good glass of Merlot, marking your ballot at your leisure and later placing it in the local drop box.

What a shame that your first voting experience was done in such a haphazard way! Maybe next time, you can volunteer to work in a polling station -- and make sure they set it up properly!

Black marker is way more secure that electronic voting -- because there's a physical record that is harder to tamper with. There have been serious concerns about the accuracy and security of electronic voting.

Our paper ballots are filled in behind screens, then folded before being handed to the scrutineer. Folding is not high-tech, but it's perfectly effective for ensuring privacy!

quilt crazy, love the merlot piece. i always loved oregon. have to get back there soon.

ilona, good suggestion on volunteering, i will pass it along. i have done it for school budget elections and it is actually kind of fun.

Photos would be interesting. Years from now she can share it with her own children and point to changes for the better. Then she can ask her Floridian friends about the history of the hanging chad...

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