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November 13, 2008


Oh, no. The poor kid. That dramatic weight loss: has he gained any of it back (or was it weight he could afford to lose)?

The thought of living with something like that, which affects something so fundamental as each bite that goes into your mouth, is so oppressing! Is he the sort of person who would seek out a support group? There have to be support groups for a chronic condition like that.

Beautifully written, Daisy.

Ugh So sorry for him. I was a chronic IBS sufferer until I quit my job, now without stress there are only one or two foods that set me off. There is a great supplement at wal-mart I think just called irritable bowel relief that I took for a while that helped so much

ohhh, poor guy.

Ilona -- he was a big guy, so he could afford to lose a little. His therapist called him a "string bean" a couple of weeks ago.
Audra -- we're working our way back into a "normal" diet; then we'll look to supplements. He takes acidophilus, a fairly strong dose.
Janet -- it's not fair, is it? Teenagers are supposed to be able to pig out.

Whew! I feared Crohn's Disease. I know 3 teens recently diagnosed with it.

Aloe Vera juice is supposed to be helpful with irritated digestive systems. Worth a try...

Crohn's was one possibility, as was celiac. We were all relieved; I'd have a hard time going gluten free!

After 2 years of stomach pain inclusing a trip to the ER, our insurance company finally agreed to send my 15 year old girl to the GI doc. Had to wait 6 weeks to get an appointment, have to drive 1.5 hours to get there. It's tommorrow. They have tried the IBS gambit with us - hope the GI doc doesn't do the same thing...Best of luck to your boy. I feel your pain.

Our major hospital is also about 2 hours away. We've decided that although the doctor seems good, it's not worth the long ride there. We'll have the general family doc handle the rest.

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