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November 27, 2008


Ah the joy of packrats. I'm deeply dreading the day my own folks need to move house (small version thereof coming up in a month as the appt is moved, but the house, with the 30 years of crap, will likely have to go within a few years too). Mom can't throw anything away, be it clothing or toys from our childhood, books and magazines she will never get around to reading, or just various junk she keeps buying for gifts but never ends up giving to anyone. And dad... well, he can never throw out the 3 old circular saws when he guys the 4th one, or dispose of that used 2x4 that could be used again. And that near-antique ice cream freezer is worth alot of money, can't throw that out. But good luck finding someone who will want it. But of course you can't say word one about it, because then you're an ungrateful brat that should learn to respect your elders... plus their ways got you where you are and they're right and you're wrong and on and on it goes. At what age exactly are you no longer considered a bratty, know it all teenager?

I think I may have gone off on a bit of a tangent...

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