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November 21, 2008


Ah yes, my oldest son (almost 14) was very dismayed at the winter coat I bought him last year. Also, it is apparently not cool to wear a winter coat even though it gets very cold here and we get lots of snow. He finally wore it when it was about -10 and his response? It's really warm. He's been wearing it without complaint since. Love when they realize it is better to be warm then "cool".

i swear rebekah and roo-girl were separated at birth.

and you and i? are totally soul sister.

or sisters. whatever.

My daughter refuses to blowdry her hair, because it puffs out to enormous proportions that way. I made the mistake of suggesting to her that she wear one of those scarves with the attached hood thing on the mornings she leaves the house with a wet head.

I'm sure you can picture the look she gave me.

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