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November 09, 2008


"There was a paucity of Almond Joys" made me laugh out loud. "Paucity." What a great word!

Theo will probably look like a Yeti for two or three years after he moves out, and then he will have to Get A Job -- and guess what? Most of the employers out there have about the same appearance expectations as mom and dad. (Hm. Maybe you DO know something after, all...)

My young cousin, in his final year of college, grew a long, long beard. At Christmas, he fashioned it into 3 braids, each of them with one red, one green, one white strand.

It was his last hurrah. He started his first Real Job in January, a neatly clean-shaven young man!

Since my away-at-college-son and I are friends on Facebook I can tell you that he is not following my admonitions to shave regularly. He's lucky I don't write a reminder on his wall.

I will try that line.

You know, there's another great idea for dealing with wardrobe (and other teen-type) crises: write solutions on their Facebook walls. They'll delete it, of course, but not knowing who might have seen it in the interim. And the fear of a reprise (which is almost as cool a word as "paucity," in my opinion) will keep them on the straight and narrow.

What IS the deal with the almond joy? I bought a huge bag of a mix of Reese's PB Cups, Whoppers, Almond Joy, Kit Kats and Hershey Bars. There were at least 2 of most, but only like 5 Almond Joy.

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