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November 04, 2008


Ha! Hang in there! My son was a major slob with the clothes strewn from the bedroom to the laudry room - clean & dirty. I never knew how he could tell the clean ones. One day, a nice rainy, stormy day, I gathered all his clothes up and put them in laundry baskets in the back yard. My house was clothes free! He has never left his clothes scattered around the house again. I may have to remind him to pick up the clothes on the bedroom floor but that's the only floor they're on and he picks them up as soon as he is told - don't want Mom to go beserk again.

When I was a teenager, my dad picked up all of mine and my sister's clothes and threw them in a pile in the garage. Not fun.

Hang in there! You're doing the right thing. The kicker that would keep me holding firm is the fact that she doesn't want this stuff enough to spend her own money. If she doesn't want it that much, then she can deal with it if she loses out through her own stubbornness.

Stand strong, mom!

Stay strong. You are my idol.

A follow-up. I did order the clothes- but she had put away the clothes that I had wanted her to do. And the only reason that I ordered the stuff is that they were useful items. But the package came in, and the dress is sooooo short. She'll wear it with leggings, she says.

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