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November 29, 2008


Frustrating, isn't it? I know that as far as teens go, I've had it pretty lucky so far. (She's rapping on wood madly as she speaks...) My kids will do what I ask without backtalk -- but I have to ask, and every.single.day they strew the living area with their private stuff, and every.single.day I ask them to put it away. And they do! No fuss! Which is good, so far as it goes. But why do we have to go through this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?

Frustrating, isn't it?

In my experience? They get good about the housework only after they move out. All those good lessons you taught them down through the years really only get applied once the home they're living in is *theirs*.

FRUSTRATING, isn't it?

Sending you hugs and good wishes. Hormones and teen attitude can be the PITS.

Funny you should write about this just now. I've been watching my 3rd child, 21, always the most distant and LEAST helpful, and he's become a human being when I wasn't watching! He moved back home recently, and we're glad, and he pitches in and initiates chores, life is good.
Just so you know we're norman, my youngest son, 19, who has always been good and thoughtful, seems to have checked out. Never talks, never volunteers; he still is agreeable and says "yes" whenever I make a request, but actually DO it? Not so's you'd notice. So we're waiting for his return.
Just hang in there.

nooooooo! I thought it got better! I'm doing this at ages 7 and 14, I havnt to sergeant major them around the house and all in one go, they dont do anything on a day to day basis even if reminded or asked so they have to lose a whole weekend morning doing it!

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