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November 03, 2008


What a beautiful,moving post my J!
I hope that he still has that choice to make, that you get that dance at his wedding!!!

That was beautiful, Janet. I hope your son gets that opportunity too.

Beautiful. I'm tearing up.

I hope he gets the chance as well...

Thank you

I want to dance at (at least in honor of) his wedding as well. I hope voters don't take the dream away.

beautiful post janet. let's hope CA can prove it is the evolved state it became such a short time ago and it will retain the rights of all people to realize their dreams.

i am ready to dance with your family!!

Hear Hear! I concur wholeheartedley!

I hope it all work out for DK. I hope you get to dance at his wedding. You should remind him, in the meantime, (Phonetic here, I don't know how to spell this properly) No hoopi, no shtoopi.

If I were voting in Cali I would vote for gay marriage because love is for everyone.

Such a great post!

I wish I lived in CA just so I could vote No on Prop8.


It's what we want for all our kids--to be able to give and to receive love. Holding my breath tomorrow, as votes are counted in CA and AZ, that all our kids will have the same rights.

Every parent's dream - their child's true happiness. I hope it comes true for both of you.


I am hoping that the right to marriage passes in all the states. No one should have to be penalized because they love the "wrong" person. Love and marriage should be everyone's right.

For my children, everyone else's children and the friends who we've watched grow up alongside of them, discrimination must end. Love should be nurtured and encouraged.

Well, now I'm crying. I hope that little boy's dreams are still able to come true after tomorrow.

My 1 vote in California is on your side! Everyone deserves the right to marry the one they love. I hope the effort NO on 8 has put into the election comes to fruition.

Such a beautiful post. I sincerely hope he is able to marry the one he loves.

What could be more simple, more beautiful, more human than to want to spend your life with the person you love?

Lovely post.

Oh, Janet. I was wondering about what this decision will do to the people who have married. What does it mean for them???

Your son and his partner will always be welcome to marry and live a good (albeit chilly) life in Massachusetts. California isn't the only place on the planet and New England welcomes same sex marriage. We're very liberal and kinda nice, too!

When I looked at the map to see how the counties were voting on 8 in CA, it was obvious that it wasn't going to pass. Other than the bay area and LA/San Diego/Santa Barbara, the entire state was voting yes. When you live in a state with a large hispanic and religious/Catholic population, you gotta expect that the vote is not going to go your way. It totally sucks, but it's one more nail in the "California is the most liberal place in the world AND we have good weather" coffin. As a native Californian, I'm appalled that people don't remember where Ronald Reagan got his political start. As well as Richard Nixon. It is NOT liberal.

This post should have been required reading before voting on Prop8. Beautiful, beautiful post. As others have said, I hope everyone gets their chance.

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