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November 15, 2008


This story makes my heart ache. How awful that the teachers are not only allowing this, but participating! I always hate to resort to this, but it may be time for legal action. Does the girl have an IEP? Her health condition could warrant it.

ohhhh that is sooooo maddening.

my kids have been on the receiving end of bullying. not not not fun.

She really doesn't need that school. Tell her mother to pull her out. She has enough outside activities to keep her busy and social in the real world. She can act in community theater, work out at the Y (instead of wasting time in PE), and keep singing professionally. She really does not need high school at all. And college isn't that small-minded.

If her mom wants to contact me about homeschooling, please tell her to do so! There is no need for her daughter to struggle to adapt herself to a dysfunctional environment.

I have nothing to say, really, but I feel so badly for that child. I'm shocked that a girl with a practiced, recognized talent would be refused to allow to use it -- to the benefit of the school! -- because of her looks! How utterly appalling. Why, why, why are her parents leaving her in that school?

He made the kids walk from the Airport in Amsterdam to the Anne Frank House.

That's over 10 miles! I can't believe the other students could walk that far or didn't complain. Now, from Centraal [train]Station the Anne Frank house is about 1KM. Walkable and the fat girl could have been put on the trolley and told where to get off. Poor kid.

It is time for someone to step in, kids will be mean and cruel, TEACHERS CAN NOT! Teachers should be held to a higher standard.

I was bullied in elementary school by kids and teachers and it is wrong wrong wrong......

You have a big voice to use to help this matter be different...please do it!

this is absolutely what poeple in New Zealand think of American high school culture. It's just so uncalled for. At my hight school (i'm 2nd year at university now) we had no bullying, everyone was accepted and we didn't behave like little kiddies. Most of all, our teachers were helpful, encouraging and always there for us if we needed any help. I can't believe this is happening in a so-called developed country! Seriously, what is wrong with the "ivy league" crowd that makes this behaviour acceptable? It's disgusting. Pull her out of that school and find her a nice private high school with high standards and teaching. If she is good enough, she will get into a good university/college/whatever you call it.

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