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November 07, 2008


Well, that's certainly a keeper!

What's this kids name? I want him for myself!

Aw. Brought back so many memories of high school and "can I borrow your CCH sweater for the game this weekend since mine is lost?" and getting a sweet, laundry smelling sweater with just a touch of cologne from the boy I had the hugest crush on. Sigh. Turns out he had a crush too. He never got the sweater back., and he didn't care.

Awwww...how sweet! Does he have an older brother for my college-age daughter?

He sounds like a gem. Hope she realizes this.

SubCor - I think so. I'm pleased to have this one hanging around the house!

JerriAnn - Cool yer jets, woman. He's 16. I think it would be illegal. Besides, aren't you already married? (Though maybe we could send him down there to teach your husband to do laundry??)

Tellie - Aw. What a cute story! I hope this will be a happy memory for Rebekah, too, when she's an adult.

Debby - I will ask!

Daisy - Yes, she does. "I don't feel nervous around him. He likes me for who I am. He's the Perfect Boyfriend, mom!" And I quote.:-)

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