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October 14, 2008


and, what about all those dang fool people who watch those races on Sunday afternoon on TV, then get out there on the interstate highways on their way to work the next day and drive like they think they are a NASCAR driver. I used to have to drive to work on I-285 in Atlanta. It was a nightmare. You couldn't leave a space between you and the next car because some damn fool NASCAR wannabe would whip over in there at 70 miles an hour. And they wonder why there are so many accidents on our roads!

The real way to conserve gasoline is to raise the price. And use the price increase to fund alternative energy sources research. When gas prices were heading past 4 dollars a gallon, suddenly people were carpooling, doing less driving in general, and trading in their SUV's for more fuel-efficient cars. The effect was immediate and measurable. Unfortunately, it is political suicide for anyone to push for raising gasoline prices; so we are probably stuck with the status quo.

I'm with you! Sign me up!

Give me a break! I know a few countries you can live in where freedom to choose your own entertainment is restricted, if that's what you really want. In fact, those countries will even restrict what your family size can be, or what job you can have. Take all the thinking out of life, wouldn't that be GRAND?

If you're so big on conservation, let your 'heros' know that flying around in their private jets to go talk to their middle class followers about their wastefulness is the height of hypocrisy.

The people who attend these NASCAR events aren't asking for YOU to give them handouts to support their entertainment so why the heck should YOU care?

Or is FREEDOM a dirty word, unless it supports a woman's right to take another's life?

Whoa, katie, take it easy. In times like these, everything is open to thought.

I would have never thought of this! You're brilliant!

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