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October 04, 2008


Such a silly little moment but my heart melted too reading about it.

Oh congrats! What a beautiful moment!

That's what mother are there for, and it's in this moments that you really get to know the meaning of forgiveness. Ain't easy being a mom, like it's not easy being a teenager - learn to understand each other is probably what I would do in the situation. Keep your eyes on her, hey someday, she will be out of your house and starting her own life, her own family. You'll sure be having one of these moments again, saying to yourself, if only I could have been a better moment, but wait re-track, you won't because you did your job as any mom would have done in your situation, loved her regardless. Then she would be exactly the way you imagined her to be, just as she is :)..In your mind - you wouldn't have had it any other way.

Awww. Here's to many more such moments!

And that is why they come to us so small and helpless, they make us love them, so we can bank it away for the teenage years and remember, we still love them. My best advice to you, is when the good moments come, enjoy them, treasure them, let go of the ugly, because now is what you have. (Hope that doesn't sound preachy, because I really mean it. It can be hard when an hour before they are slamming the door and saying you are ruining their lives, and then, they might reach out, for just a moment, and for you to let go of what happened, and reach back) Someday, I promise, she will be back full time and the teen years will be gone a puff. Thank goodness.

Ohhhh...well, I'm thrilled. My best friend and her husband are going.through.it (and by 'it' I mean...well, you know) with their 18 year old son. It's been a tough, tough season--and the little breaks in the clouds like the one your so beautifully write about above have been precious and much needed--so thrilled for the sunshine rays!


Sweet. I'm not looking forward to the teen years. . .7 (the age) can really kick my butt.

I have 2 girls, 7 years apart, and I love these moments. Here's hoping there's many more....

Have you entered to win Petunia Pig?

Now I have...

oh, thank you. you give me hope!!!

Hope -- there is hope. Celebrate!

Good Luck. It took committing a crime for my YARM13YOL to wake up...

What a wonderful moment! I dread the teenage years with our oldest too. It seems that kids morph into horrible creatures during this period. Funnily enough, I don't remember going through this as a teenager. I thought I was pretty decent, but who knows? :)

Yup, you need a boy in the mix so they could describe the disgust for you, lmao!

One more thing, will you join our De-lurking day tomorrow, I have buttons and codes on my site or you can probably make some that are much prettier.....please?

Jerri Ann, I've gone to your site, but it seems to be down for maintenance. I can't find anything about de-lurking there.

I am so happy to hear this! As the mother of a 4 year old girl I have shuddered over Anna stories. I don't think I could have made it for two years.

You have to blog about these times, so you can look back on them, when you wonder why she is allowed to be in your home.

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