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October 12, 2008


I'm absolutely appalled at the emails and discourse. We've had lots of conversations with our teen too. That's all you can do. Our conversations are spreading out to other subjects as well. She was trying to impress me one day a couple of weeks ago (obviously) when she asked me if I had seen what Dow did that day--it was up several hundred points--she was very impressed. The only problem? She meant Dow chemical--had no idea what the Dow Jones was. lol. Of course I didn't laugh when she was right there though. Of course I didn't.

The level of discourse is appalling. My teen son sees the humorous side of it, which helps me out a bit.

As a "woman of a certain age" I remember my awakening to politics came in my early teens from the humor on That Was The Week That Was. I still remember some of the parody lyrics they sang. I also learned from TW3 that there was pretty much nothing so serious that you couldn't make fun of it. I made sure to expose my kids to Tom Lehrer and The Capitol Steps at an early age.

It's amazing how interested kids are in politics if you talk about it with them. In 2000 I told my 10 year old son he could stay up until the election was called. Needless to say, he didn't last that long.

Molly - we love the Capitol Steps. We look forward to their year-end show all year.

I have never liked SNL and even now, I don't laugh but I can't help but be amused. I have weird humor buy I'm for almost anything that helps children learn.....and that includes that show every now and again...lol

I couldn't make it through this election without Jon Stewart of the Daily Show


or Keith Olbermann on MSNBC


My favorite part? When they put up two sound bites in a row that contradict each other. I think all four candidates have done that!

I'm not sure when John McCain lost his integrity, but I think it was around the time he started insisting that Roe V Wade should be overturned. He sold his soul to the Republican party. Then there's Sarah Palin. Don't get me started... ;)

The Capital Steps RULE!! We make time for their April Fools show every year. Their New Year's summary show is always classic, too.

I took the kids to a political monologue over the weekend (see Margalit's post) and they loved it!! Rosie kept turning to me for more information since everything had happened before she was born. But Abe is such a reader, that somewhere along the line (in those science fiction books?) he must have picked up enough history to get the jokes, because that child was simply rolling in the aisles! Abe is very disappointed that he is 11 days too young to vote in this year's election. He knows how he would've voted, though!

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