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October 01, 2008


I was in college in the 80's, when the drinking age (in our state at least) was still 18. There was binge drinking then, also. I never understood it myself; but the thought of freshman year brings back the smell of my dormitory, that mingled the refreshing scents of beer puke and old pizza. Yum.

So I don't see how changing the age will make a difference. I think a legal drinking age is ridiculous. There should be no drinking age at all.

I think that driving/drunk will go up but I do think binge drinking will go down. I think if you can vote & serve in the military that you should be able to drink. I have 3 teenagers and they know the rules and have so far been good kids. When they go to college I'd feel better if it were legal and I knew that they would be sensible.

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