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October 06, 2008


That is wonderful! Now you just have to get the rest of the rugrats to care and you'll be all set.

I remember registering as soon as I turned 18, and I voted that year, too (Granted, it was for Ross Perot, but at least I voted!) LOL!

They will come around, politics holds such a stigma as a topic that one shouldn't discuss, that maybe they are afraid to get to into discussions or ask the questions they need to.

Of they could be REALLY sick of all the brouhaha lately! LOL!

Oooh. I love voting! Drummer Man and I are the same age, and while I've voted in all the elections I've been eligible for, this is the first time I feel that my vote is super important and will affect my future for a long time.

It is exciting when they develop into such wonderful people. Good for you.

Maybe when they hear their brother's interest and excitement, his siblings will get with the program. It's startling how the older sib can have more effect than mom, who's "supposed" to say all that goody-goody stuff.

It happens to the best of us eventually. :)

How awesome. The great thing is that he's not the only one, young people are taking more of an interest this year! Way to go DK!

OK, first of all, not sure where I am, but that's nothing new.

Is this Janet...Janet from the Planet of Janet?

Love your description of all the kids. As for mine, we agree to disagree.

Be sure to stop by when you have a chance to see my Breast Cancer Awareness post. Thanks. Kathy

It is a slow process, this maturation thing. And boys are so much slower than girls. Physically AND mentally. We had a meeting at school today. They have enforced a newdress code. No more midriff showing, longer skirts, etc. Apparently, they forgot to forbid spray on clothing. At least, that's what I think they were wearing. Sheesh.

So it only takes 27 years?

I think next to having a real i dram of jeannie mom it would be great to have a mid century mom! i can believe there is a site dedicated to mid century moms. Gotta love it.

I love those moments where I can actually see my work as a mother paying dividends. My oldest daughter has been campaigning for Obama. No matter what my thoughts are on any of the candidates, I am proud of her for taking an action, doing something, rather than just give lip service to her beliefs.

Good to hear that there is hope yet!

My daughter is politically minded, but son would like to mute any and all political talk. I hope he'll grow out of it!

My oldest will be voting for his third time! My 17yo would love to vote but he misses it by 4 months. He's been sending me Obama videos for 2 years now. I'm so proud to have raised two caring and politically conscious children. (someday they might care for others in other places...)

I was pretty oblivous when I was in high school, but I blame that on the fact that I was in an insulated fundamentalist prison camp, er, school. I missed the deadline to register in my first election (Reagan), but have voted in every election since, especially local ones, since I think my vote has more impact there. For example, I usually vote Democrat, but the state party, in its infinite stupidity, is putting up a CONVICTED FELON to run as magistrate. In this state, convicted felons are not allowed to vote. Apparently this restriction does not extend to holding office. Idiots.

Excellent take on this, Janet.

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