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October 05, 2008


I believe here in Arizona they do actually let you drop your teen off for up to 23 hours at very centers with no reprucussions. I'm not clear on the details, but a coworker used to do it all the time.

How desperate would you have to be to actually do this, though. I really feel sorry for those families.

My boys are rough and tough but very loving with one another and really over-all they are good kids for 3.75 and not potty trained and 5.5. People in public tell me all the time how well they behave and 5.5 year old is learning to sit in back of the room alone facing the wall so he won't talk so much, but really we do get compliments every day, even if I am about to pull my hair out. So, I'm thinking when they get to be teenagers, I'll be closer to wanting to return them.

My mom says the first 20 years of my life were a breeze, it's these last 20 that I've managed to make her a nervous wreck...

One more thing, would you consider joining me tomorrow for de-lurking day. I've got buttons and codes on my blog....come one come all join us

It's not just the city of Omaha, it's a Nebraska state law. And people are now driving to NE from other states to drop off their teenagers.

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