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October 22, 2008



*snort* yep. that's who does it, all right!!!!!

There's at least one of those on every team, it seems. Where they really go over the line is when they start abusing the 15yo kids (yeah, mine) who are ref'ing the little kids' games. I'm tempted to print a big sign that reads "Look, they've been instructed not to call offsides and other minor strategic errors for the little kids, so shut up already. They're not calling it on your kid either." But, I bite my tongue and hide my poster paints.

Why doesn't anyone speak to these parents? I would have told her to zip it.

Why doesn't anyone speak to these parents? Because people have been killed at kids games confronting a psycho parent. We used to have "let the kids play" days where we handed out duct tape to any parent or grandparent who couldn't keep themselves from coaching on the sidelines. The kids loved it.

molly, i LOVE the duct tape.

I seem to recall reading of an obnoxious hockey dad who was barred from his son's games. The boy was 12ish, I think. Dad would drive his son over, and then had to sit in the parking lot, or go for a coffee somewhere. I think he'd gone so far as to assault a ref, but wouldn't it be nice if they'd be that firm even with verbal abuse? It bugs me that we just keep lowering and lowering our standards for people's behaviour.

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