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September 23, 2008


My 12 yo son would also like a job playing video games all day! He also thinks maybe writing games all day would be fun too. We'll see - he still has 5 years to apply to college. A lot can change in that time. But I have seen colleges with video game design majors.

The essay section of the SAT gives me hives thinking about it. Although we aren't facing the same kind of challenges you are we have been keeping an eye on potential career paths and it looks like a vocational education is the perfect fit - a lot of hands on coursework - almost no homework - and a career in the end that will pay bills and offer a nice future.

GA Tech actually has majors in game development. They are very tight with Turner Broadcasting which also has real paying jobs for game developers. When I go for coffee over on the west side of Atlanta, near Tech, I often see young people working on their gaming projects...it's really amazing that this is an industry that is now buttressed by academic and commercial supports.

Sometimes having them take a gap year and work full-time gives them the much needed incentive to perform well in college. Or, he could do as Mary Alice's son (she blogs at From the Frontlines) did and join the Coast Guard for a few years before doing college - decent pay, new experiences, lots of discipline (which is needed by most 18-year-old boys) - it's working out well for him so far.

My son seems to be a motivated student and has a plan, so he will be going to college next year. But I would prefer he got some real-life experience first.

"He did have homework at his other schools, but it became too much of a power struggle to get him to do it. Now, that is someone else's problem- not mine! "

This is why I hate homework! If you make it the responsibility of the teacher to enforce, the amount stays realistic and the kids keep on track. One of the brilliant side-effects of my son going to boarding school was the cessation of the evening homework wars.

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