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September 06, 2008


I hear you. Oldest dd had rough high school years. In one circle one minute out of it the next. And the girls were horrible with the instant messaging and my space crap. DD was in tears more than once. But after a brief break in the "friendships", she would go back for more. Finally she realized they weren't her friends and found some real ones for her senior year. I thank God she is in college now and away from the hs drama. There is some at college, but it doesn't appear to be as bad. Or maybe she has matured and can see who really are her friends and who aren't.

it is a weird culture and when we try to advise we wind up being the bad one.

my advice? sympathize but don't try to solve. we worry about their self esteem, rightfully so. the best we can do is reinforce the concept of dignity. usually down the line they figure it out.

my sympathies.

Thanks. Now I'm having very unpleasant flashbacks. I thank God every day that I am not 13 anymore.

We're there, doing that. And yes, girls SUCK.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - sometimes I'm glad I don't have a girl. I do want one desperately, but then I think about this kind of story, or watch my 10 year old sister and her friends and how they go back and forth and feelings are hurt then the hurt is forgotten, and I remember how my bestest friend dumped me after 8th grade and I feel relief that that's a cute little boy over there playing by the couch. Good luck with High School Roo!

My youngest daughter told me later that she used to cry a lot through high school and I know that my oldest daughter had many mean girls who were friends also. But my oldest daughter also had a boy who tormented her throughout high school because he liked her and she did not like him. He was awful. One day not too long ago he saw my youngest daughter and asked how her sister was and told her to tell her "hi" for him! He is such an egotist. Becky said, "yeah, right."

This hurts just to read. My heart aches for her; I hope SK still remains friends, even though she doesn't hang with his crew regularly. She'll need support.

Damn bishes.

I am NOT looking forward to that crap. I don't want Fa to have to deal with that and I certainly do NOT want her to BE that.

I am in for it.

That was the hardest part of my two daughter's years in high school for ME. I tried to stay out if it and let them make their own decisions, and it was real hard to do that. They need to learn how to make decisions about who to hang with, and why. I just told my daughters that if the bad times outnumbered the good times, it was time to move on. If they felt more "used" than loved, it was time to move on. And if they were ashamed of their relationship with someone, it was time to move on.

Yeah, I still remember those days. Ick.

We still do that as adults sometimes too, you know? So, yeah, girls TOTALLY suck. :)

Life after high school is LIFE. Before that it's all crap.

I'm sorry. I'm too busy beating my head against several large rocks in an attempt to feel what you're feeling right now to appropriately comment.

You're SCARING me, woman.

Geez. I thought raising my boys felt like growing up all over again, but seems like the teen years are even more intense with girls!

You are so right. Girls do suck. And when they get older, as in late 30's, they aren't much better. Makes me want to go live on a deserted island all by myself, with a bunch of chocolate, sunscreen, a library, and some chapstick.

Oh, crappity crap. AGAIN! She keeps falling for it.

Heh. Big girls can suck too. I hate how catty the female genetics can be. Thankfully though Roo seems to be able to make friends wherever she is!

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