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September 28, 2008


What a sad memory. At least you have a memory of your father doing something with you. All I can ever remember mine doing if he was at home was either sleeping or arguing with my mother.

wow. we never played that game.

and i'm glad!!!

i like the tallis part. i too was raised conservative and must tell you that being a member of a reform congregation has made a big difference it the way i feel about judaism.

women are embraced (we have a female cantor and have female associate rabbis) the lay leadership is filled with intelligent women.

and much of the service is in english so i get it.

Our terrorizing games were simpler, of the monsters/bears/alligators are going to eat you variety. But we did have scary Christian fundamentalist comics about the Antichrist, so there's that.

If I had to play lifeboat now, I'd let the pirate stay.

Oh!!! Our Southern Baptist church had some game where they'd pretend the government had demanded all our Bibles and we had to see what we could remember. That was special. But we also (not at church) played lifeboat and hide from the Nazis and the KKK.

Now that we as a society have a few seasons of reality TV under our belts, the lifeboat game is different. We all know to get rid of the strongest people first so they don't kill us. And to keep the middle aged woman so someone will make food and clean.

I was raised Heathen--we definitely did not play that game!

Too bad, Cheri - they never did have a pirate involved. That would definitely have made things more interesting...

So now, if you were in a lifeboat situation, would you throw out the deadbeats and old people?

I think Fern's comment was my fav, too funny.
I was taught fun songs about popcorn popping and give said the little stream.
I think my fav part of the story was about your dad. It touched a soft spot in my heart.

I've played that game in language school in France! Must be a European thing. I was so mad, because I was a dr with tropical meds training, but they still picked the 20-year-old tall blonde Swedish girl (she was also a dr but hadn't thought to add the tropical meds training) over me. Grrr...

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