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September 10, 2008


This is the very reason I refer to my children as Eldest, Son, and Youngest. Every once in a while I slip and use a real name, which I remove as quickly as I find it.

However, sooner or later, one of them will find it. Or worse yet, Husband will find it, I mean, admit that he reads it despite my warning him off in a post.

I'm not sure quite how to handle it, other than to acknowledge that if I did not have this pressure valve, none of them would LIVE long enough to read it!

i love this topic as I am always amazed at the level of intimate family details people put out there. I have spent years trying to get my kids to value privacy. I think their gen just doesn't care the way we did. Although my blogging is transparent, I never post anything about them that they do not approve and feel comfortable with. And certainly nothing that is personal. this will be interesting time to study the psychology of social media for sure.

When I started my blog, I decided to follow the trend of nicknames and no full-face pictures. Even though my kids are 16 and 21, I rarely post something recognizable, and even then their names are not on it. Husband, however, reads me regularly and wants a better name!

There are things I'd love to write about here, but I just can't, and it's frustrating. There are not many people with whom you can discuss certain things. But I remind myself: posting something on the internet is equivalent to printing your secret on bits of paper and tossing them out the window on a windy day. You just never know where and when it could come to light.

It's still frustrating, though.

Great subject, my oldest is 21, my yougest 14 and one in the middle is 16. I started my blog this year to share our journey with my middle son and to the best of my ability I have tried to keep my identity anonymous. I felt it was important from the get go, first so that I could be open and honest, second to protect all my sons identity. My goal is to help families that have troubled teens and are trying to navigate the scary waters and find support. Having a troubled teen can be filled with shame and guilt, not something that you share over tea with the PTA. The internet, blogging, social networking can be a healthy forum to bring families together and find support. I never use any of my family members names or pictures.

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