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September 07, 2008


That's a great post. A baby is not a mistake. It is a gift from God. And we get our gifts at different times in our lives.

It's interesting that the perspective is different for Bristol Palin vs. Jamie Lynn Spears. One is simply "that happens sometimes" and the other was "Bad parents! Bad, bad parents!"

Yes, Daisy. Did you see the clip from the Daily Show on that subject? It was hysterical.

Thank you for pointing me to that blog post. I am just so thankful that this young girl has a supportive family, which will go a long ways!

I think it is relevant, in terms of the political hot potato of abstinence only teaching in high schools. But only looking at that single subject.

On the other hand, I'm becoming very frustrated regarding Palin and her obligation to her children vs. her career - which is not something people seem to bring up for male politicians?

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