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September 24, 2008


This is SO SWEET!!!

that is THE BEST. i love it.

and i'm sure she did too!

OMG. So cute. So sweet.


To second (and fourth) the "OMG! That is so sweet!" sentiment, you must be so proud.

I know I would be.

And you jsut know all of her friends are soooooooooo jealous!

Awwww... You can be 100% sure that Every.Single.Girl in that entire school (and on a thousand Facebook accounts) has heard about this by now.

This is just awesome. It's how tenderness and romance gets into his DNA.

He definitely did not pick up his romantic streak from his dad! All the guys try to be original and romantic when they ask girls to Homecoming and Prom. Some guys go expensive and some go more blatant. One guy gave the girl he asked a bowlful of goldfish with one red fish among many golds. It said you're the only fish in the sea for me. (I loved that)

It's quite amazing watching BBB become a man.

That is frigging adorable. Good job with that one!

I'm thinking the girl he asked last year who said yes and three days later changer her mind is wishing she hadn't been suck a dummy last year!

BTW, it's all over her MySpace(my son's gf's site) so everyone knew by Sunday at school. Hehehe

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